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08 November 2023 @ 12:45 am

Yes, I finally decided to make one XD

Click me 8DCollapse )

LAST EDITED: 24 May 2017
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03 August 2019 @ 11:09 pm
Title: Idiot Prince
Fandom: Prince Of Legend
Pairing: Kyogoku Ryu/Tendo Koki
A/N: Written for a friend.
Summary: Meeting each other wasn't pleasant, staying with each other became vital.

He likes the silence, or at least he used to, the two of them walking down the streets or lying down on the grass at the park, or doing their homework together.Collapse )
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10 July 2019 @ 03:20 pm
Title: The Sweet Taste Of Doom
Pairing: Kawashima Noeru / Shimekake Ryuya
Genre: AU, angst
Summary: To be good, to be a role model, to be what they expect him to be...all until he's lured by the sinful hope of freedom.
A/N: Inspired by Acid Black Cherry's "Chou" MV.

He has made his way up to their circles after a lot of effort, even though he has no obligations to any of them, and he can do whatever he wants, no matter the financial status of his clients. He’s a singer; the moment he’s offered money, he takes it.Collapse )
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27 June 2019 @ 12:05 am
Title: Free Roads
Fandom: Oniichan Gacha (kind of a darker AU version of it)

Characters: Kirara (Abe Aran), Road (Morita Myuto), Nega (Matsuda Genta), Ken-san (Iwamoto Hikaru), Gentle (Kyomoto Taiga), Seigi (Fukazawa Tatsuya)
Pairing: Kirara/Road, Ken-san/Gentle
Summary: All they want is a friendly family environment. All they get is a twisted reality.

They’re easy to use and easy to toss away. But sometimes, it’s not really easy at all.Collapse )
01 March 2019 @ 11:28 pm
Title: The Pretty
Fandom: 49
Pairing: Mochida Jun/Masuyama Kaito (Morita Myuto/Shimekake Ryuya)
Summary: They're pretty on stage, but there's only one who really matters.
A/N: I blame Shime and the Traja make-up video on youtube.

“You’re staring.”Collapse )
22 February 2019 @ 04:08 am
Title: Silenced
Fandom: HIGH & LOW
Pairing: Murayama Yoshiki/Cobra
Genre: angst
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot
Summary: It's only real until it's over.

He understands, and that’s what hurts him the most.Collapse )
Title: Embrace The Pain, We're Going Down Pt.3
Fandoms: Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou/Kamen Teacher
Pairing: Tango Daiki/Bon (Watanabe Shota/Kyomoto Taiga)
Genre: Noncon (not in this part), Angst
Summary: How far can your obsession take you? How fast can everything explode?
Notes: Continuation of PART 1 and PART 2 (written by su_jin )

“You’ll be happy if I stay, right?”Collapse )
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Title: Death Is A Game, Life Is The Prize
Fandom:  Zero: Ikkaku Senkin Game
Pairing: Hikawa Yuuki/Suezaki Seigi (Koseki Yuta/Mamiya Shotaro)
Warning: mentions of suicidal thoughts
Summary: It's different now. Now, there is someone carrying the responsibility of Yuuki's life.
A/N: written for chrysiida_tori as promised, set between episodes 7 and 8.

. How many survived today? Yuuki doesn’t really care.Collapse )
29 August 2018 @ 11:14 pm
Title: Sweep The Fears Of Night Away
Fandom: 49
Pairing: Tajima Yuki/Mochida Jun (Abe Aran/Morita Myuto)
Genre: very slight angst, fluff
Summary: The worth he can't see in himself, is the worth they all embrace.

“I just wish I had the kind of spark you all have.”Collapse )
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13 August 2018 @ 01:12 am
Title: Embrace The Pain, We're Going Down Pt.1
Fandoms: Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou/Kamen Teacher
Pairing: Tango Daiki/Bon (Watanabe Shota/Kyomoto Taiga)
Genre: Noncon, Angst
Warning: rape, noncon, etc
Summary: How far can your obsession take you? How fast can everything explode?

Title: Getting It Wrong
Fandom: Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou
Pairing: Mashima Kaito/Shiomi Riku (Iwamoto Hikaru/Abe Ryohei)
Genre: Angst
Summary: Some confessions are better hidden.

Over HereCollapse )
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