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03 August 2019 @ 11:09 pm
[Fic] Idiot Prince (Oneshot)  
Title: Idiot Prince
Fandom: Prince Of Legend
Pairing: Kyogoku Ryu/Tendo Koki
A/N: Written for a friend.
Summary: Meeting each other wasn't pleasant, staying with each other became vital.

Idiot Prince

The nights are starting to turn a little colder, cool wind blowing when they walk by the bridge, when they stand on the bridge railing. It’s not something Koki would ever dare do a few months before, but there are also many things he wouldn’t dare do until a few months ago. Until all those boys came barging into his school life, with their vulgar attitudes and their annoying elegance and basically everything that was too flashy and too loud for Koki, who was trying to become a strong and acceptable person.

He likes it, being out at this hour, wasn’t the type to stay out that long, but it’s calmer than an hour ago, quiet, and he appreciates that. He stares down at the water that looks black now because of all the darkness, the bridge lights not really reaching down there. They can hear the sound of a ship from the distance, can’t see it close yet, but it doesn’t really matter.

“Am I detecting a shiver?”

He turns his head on his left, makes a grimace at Ryu immediately because hey, he can’t detect a shiver like that, or at least he shouldn’t be able to. And maybe it’s colder than it was before, but he’s still ok, can tug on his jacket a little tighter if that’s a problem.

“I’m fine.”

“Shouldn’t you be heading back home, anyway? It’s getting late…”

“What are you, my grandma?” Koki asks back instead, waits until he sees the frown on Ryu’s face, actually enjoys it a lot, if that’s saying anything. Bickering and bantering has become part of their routine now, they never bothered sugarcoating words between them and never will, probably. “I said I’m fine, come on.”

Ryu shrugs at his answer, goes back to staring up at the sky, purses his lips and there’s silence again, typical for those moments. It used to be awkward at first, and then it wasn’t, and now it’s…it’s weird. Things have changed a lot lately, Koki can tell that much, even if he’s not sure what has changed and how. He likes the silence, or at least he used to, the two of them walking down the streets or lying down on the grass at the park, or doing their homework together. It’s a change they both had to get used to after that contest, the whole legendary prince deal that now seems more and more ridiculous. All about popularity, and being the best, and getting the girl, that girl they all were after, Naruse Kanon…Koki doesn’t really want to remember what happened after that, maybe deep down he knew the outcome, and it doesn’t even matter that much anymore, maybe it was for the better.

Ryu seems to be popular everywhere they go, cool and calm and all that, and Koki used to feel a little intimidated by that, a little jealous, maybe.

Not anymore, not really.


There is something missing, sometimes, and then there isn’t. Ryu can’t quite put it into words, maybe he doesn’t want to, either. When they walk down some familiar streets, but Naruse Kanon is not with them, wouldn’t really be after everything. Ryu still feels confused about that whatever-prince-contest, originally took part to support his brother, but maybe he had other motives too, so many different feelings nesting inside him. He thought he’d be feeling a cloud of negativity after it was over. He thought like that the first week, the second week…

…and then it came to a stop. Neutral, that’s what he felt.

He lifts his eyes from his notebook, gives a short glimpse to Koki next to him, the boy still focused on his own book. It’s amazing how he can concentrate, even though Ryu himself can do most of his own homework, too, is not as ignorant as his adorable older brother, who admittedly doesn’t care much about academic education. Meeting with Koki has somehow slipped into Ryu’s routine, the two of them growing close ever since he first showed up at Koki’s school, even if they had quite a few bumps on the road.

It wasn’t hard, somehow, continuing on with his life without Naruse Kanon. He’s a little uncertain of how he ended up staying close to Koki of all people, but it’s ok, he doesn’t mind, at least he’s not loud and doesn’t say stupid things, although Ryu wants to smack his head once or twice when he brags about being better at Ryu’s favorite video game.

What amazes Ryu is that Koki can handle all the noises of his family just great, can block them out just fine when he’s here for homework. Ryu is used to them, his siblings and his parents are his own family, after all, but Koki can also work with them just fine. He’s a pleasant guy, Ryu has to admit. It makes Ryu want to look after him, but in a way different than he looks after his brother. He doesn’t think of Koki like a younger brother, he has younger siblings, anyway. He wishes he could find the right words to express what it is, but do such words even exist?


“I don’t know what else to put…”

“How about something to catch the audience’s attention? Like, lifting up your shirt, or something like that…they do that a lot, don’t they?”

Koki raises his eyebrow at Ryu’s suggestion, crosses his arms to his chest immediately; is this really something you casually blurt out in the middle of the park? “I’m trying to come up with a good choreography here, don’t talk to me like I’m in some sort of boyband.”

“So a good choreography can’t have the dancer lifting his shirt?” Ryu retorts immediately, and it only makes Koki groan, because that is really not something he wants people to remember him for, not when he loves dancing much more than he loves stripping. A part of him thinks it’s cute, actually, that Ryu is so naïve that he would suggest something like that, but the other part of him, the bigger one…it only wants to go on with the teasing.

“So what else do you suggest I throw into the choreo, some kabedon?”

“You could.” Ryu says stubbornly, already on his feet from where he was sitting on the bench, and he’s twirling, somehow gracefully, catches Koki off guard and so he can’t really react when he’s pushed and his back meets the tree behind him. Ryu’s hand is landing next to his head the next moment, head leaning down close to his face, and he’s staring so intensely that for a couple of seconds, Koki literally forgets how to breathe. “See, like that!”

Oh no.

It takes about 3 seconds for Koki to grit his teeth, bite down on his lip and finally push Ryu back, hands a little unsteady on the older one’s chest. “No. It won’t work, especially if it’s a solo choreo. What…what were you thinking?”

Why is he stammering?

Ryu’s smile slowly fades away, still not even one step away from him, and now he looks different, or maybe Koki is the one that feels different, can identify that intense craving he’s been feeling lately. But is he…is it possible? “You don’t have to be so feisty.” He says, shrugging again, and Koki is really holding himself back now, wants to punch him, or just kick him, perhaps. Who does he think he is, with his stupid kabedon and his carefree attitude? Confusing, so confusing, because Koki is new to all this, only barely managed to acknowledge his feelings for Naruse Kanon in the past on time, although maybe he only needed someone to be his push. Becoming a better person. A stronger person.

“I’m going home.” He says in the end, because it’s probably the best thing he can do right now, torn between apologizing and cursing, but he doesn’t really want to do either. He steps to the side, reaches for his bag, his head spinning a little; it’s getting late. And he’s getting tired.


Fingers around his hand, a strong grip around his wrist that makes him halt, makes his body jolt and his stomach flutter. He turns, only a little, looks at Ryu over his shoulder, and he wonders, if the boy’s throat is as dry as his own feels.


Ryu seems a little lost and confused as well, now, maybe a little frustrated, but Koki can’t tell why, doesn’t really want to discover why, not now. And after what seems to be an eternity, Ryu lets go of his hand, still without words, still without explaining.

“…nothing.” He responds quietly, a huge wave of disappointment crashing over Koki.


It’s the first time he’s setting foot into Koki’s room, the first time he visits his house at all, actually. His parents aren’t home, and the two of them have put a lot of effort in “making up” the past couple of days, after that strange kabedon moment. Koki seemed a little uncomfortable with suggesting it, and at first Ryu wondered whether he’s hiding something really dangerous or inappropriate in his room, but no.

It’s a typical room, the walls painted in light colors, occasionally covered by photos or posters. There’s a bed, a desk, a wardrobe, basically everything Ryu expected, completely different to his own room, but eh, it’s not like he has his own room, anyway. Not that he minds that, not that he would ever complain, he loves his siblings. But it must be nice like this, too, having privacy whenever he wishes.

Lately, he’s been wishing for that a lot, when Koki visits.

“Just sit wherever you want to.” Koki says, hurries to pick some CDs from the floor, and Ryu plops down on the bed, scans the room more carefully, trying to pick up every little detail.

Why? What does it matter?

A part of Koki’s life, one that Ryu was not aware of until now, but it reflects his character so well, at least what he knows of the boy, and he wants to know more, accepted the invitation for that reason alone. Perhaps if he knows more, he’ll know when to draw the line between joking and insulting, he’ll know when to back off, he’ll know when not to treat him like his feelings don’t matter. But he can’t leave him alone, doesn’t want to, and when Koki finally sits down next to him, there’s warmth, pouring all over.

“So…do you like it?”

Yes, I like you.


He shakes his head, then nods, because Koki’s face is darkening immediately, definitely thought that Ryu was rejecting his fashion sense and his personal space as well. “I like it, yes. Is this why you asked me to come? To judge your styling choices?”

“Idiot.” Koki snorts, gives him a light punch on the shoulder. “I just thought it was rude not to, after all the times you invited me over…what are you doing?”

When did he reach out to hold him by the wrist again?

He wants to find a reason, a good reason, heck, even a lame excuse would do at this point, but no words are coming out, and he can’t stop staring, right into Koki’s eyes, and Koki is staring at him as well, a little confused, a little worried, a little…hopeful? Maybe? No? Is he seeing things?

Is he going to be a coward again?

Koki’s mouth feels soft against his own, just like he expected, and he’s scared, terrified, of what this means, of what he’s doing, of how it can turn around and bite him in the ass. He waits, even though he knows it’s silly, even though he knows he looks silly, but he can’t proceed if he’s going to be pushed back…

But he’s not. He’s not, there’s a weak tug on his sleeve instead, and it’s all the confirmation he needed, all the reassurance. They kiss, and it’s slow, and a little sloppy, and it makes them both shake, tremble from head to toe. But it’s right, it feels right, it’s the words he had been looking for but could not find, the words Koki maybe was looking for, too.

Who needs legendary princes and royal contests…

He pulls back, eventually, takes a quick look at Koki, the flustered cheeks, the coy expression, and he swallows his nervousness down, it’s stupid to feel nervous now that he kissed him already…

“I’m still not adding kabedon to that choreo, ok?” Koki lets out, sounds as nervous as Ryu feels, but his joke is enough to take the tension away, and he chuckles, hears Koki chuckling as well. Idiot…

His idiot.

“Fine by me.” He answers, and somehow, Koki is already leaning closer again.

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